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Jul 28, 2009 at 12:57 PM

wrong package in enhancement implementation



our SAP-Consultants/Developers in the SAP-introduction-project had in the beginning activate the Enhancement Implementation "WF08_START_V2" (transaction SE19) with own coding. Unfortunately there is an error in the coding from this time and we'd like to repair it. But if we want to get into the coding, the following error message appears:

"Message no. TO142


Object ENHO WF08_START_V2 is in the name range reserved for SAP. The object cannot be assigned to package ZWF, since it belongs to a different name range or namespace.

System Response

Editing is terminated.


Assign the object to an SAP package whose name begins with A-S or U-X.

If you want to create the object as a test object, you can also assign it to a local package (1st character = $) or a test package (1st character = T)."

We don't know, how they get the customer package to the SAP standard Enhancement Implementation !?

All our tries to change the coding (or the package) are all failed.

1. SE19 Button u201CChangeu201D ->Message no. TO142: see above.

2. SE80: With the Button u201CEnhanceu201D in Include LFMF2F02 (->where the Enhancement Implementation is) -> Message no. TO142: see above.

3. SE80: Modification in Include LFMF2F02 (->where the Enhancement Implementation is) -> Message no. ED296: Components of enhancements and sections cannot be modified.

4. SE03: Change the package ZWF in standard->Message no. TO142: see above.

Have anyone a idea ?

Best Regards