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Jul 28, 2009 at 12:38 PM

User Import with SAP Integration Failure


I have installed the SAP integration Kit 3.1 on my Business Objects XI 3.1 Enterprise installation.

I have installed SAP Encryption on the server as well.

Following the steps in the book Integrating SAP Business Ojbects XI 3.1 Tools with SAP Netweaver, I was able to conect to my SAP system and see roles for import.

I imported some roles asigned to my SAP account, I did not automatically import users.

I then logged in to Infoview with my SAP account and this account was validated and created in BO.

My account was assigned to the roles/groups in BO correctly.

I then tested a universe and was able to make one and setup Single Sign On at the connection level and validate that I could see only the data that my SAP account had access to.

All of this was good and I was happy with the installation.

I then configured SSO tickets exchanging PSE files with our SAP system.

I configured SNC options so that we could do publications.

When we run a publication I get an error saying:

BusinessObjects_PublicationAdminErrorLog_Instance_2530 - [Publication ID # 2530] - Scheduling document job "IB_SYS_IVIEW_SONJA" (ID: 2,538) failed: A database error occured. The database error text is: The SAP SSO authentication process will fail because the current user doesn't have an alias that matches system EB1CLNT101.. (WIS 10901) Scheduling document 'IB_SYS_IVIEW_SONJA' (ID: 2,538) failed for the following users: EB1~101/Z0013BYF (ID: 2100) . These users had the following profile values: [No profile values] (FBE60502) [1 recipients processed.]

This lead me to wonder if the users were getting created correctly, so I changed options to import users automatically and forced user syncronization. Then went to role import and hit update. I promptly lost all my users associated to the SAP system I have configured.

Any idea why this might happen?