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Former Member
Jul 28, 2009 at 11:18 AM

Problem with Printing Japanese


Hi Experts,

We have a Unicode enable Printer (I tried Printing Japanese Characters and others it works) and also SAP Unicode System

I tried the following steps but it still doesnu2019t work, do I missed some configs? I have read that I must used True Type Font how to change to that font?

- Try to check if the Printer supports Unicode to print Japanese Characters

I tried printing using MS Word copying Japanese, Greek and Russian letters to check if it is supported and yes it is printed correctly, the Printer does support Japanese and other characters

- Try to have a Japanese logon setting in transaction SU3

I tried to change this settings but it still doesnu2019t work

- Try to change the character set to Japanese

I tried to change this setting in SPAD but still it doesnu2019t work

- Try to use JSAPWIN driver for the printer in transaction code SPAD in SAP

I tried to change to use this driver but still it doesnu2019t work

- Try to use ALL the possible combinations for Driver and Character Set for Japanese Character

I tried to use ALL the combinations one by one using Japanese settings but still it doesnu2019t work, I even tried the setting for UTF 8 (encoding for Japanese Characters) and Unicode settings but still it doesnu2019t work