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Jul 28, 2009 at 08:10 AM

SimpleSearch can only retrieve documents(reports) for enterprise users!!


Good Day Everybody,

i'm using SimpleSearch to retrieve all reports for specific users, the problem is that i'm only able to retirve reports for enterprise users and i can not get reports for domain users, anybody knows why?? or there is another way to do so??

GetDocumentList is working fine but it's only retirves reports for the loged in user only....

also i would like to extacrt all useres which has permession to reports, so would you please give me a hand of help and send me how to do!!!

kindly find below the code i'm using to retrieve all reports for specific users:

//After creating connection, seesion and login using administrator enterprise user

SimpleSearch mySearch = new SimpleSearch();

mySearch.InAuthor = txtUsername.Text;//.Trim();

//mySearch.InName = "";

mySearch.BeginDate = System.DateTime.Now.AddYears(-2);

mySearch.BeginDateSpecified = true;

mySearch.ObjectType = "documents";// "documents";

BusinessObjects.DSWS.BICatalog.SortType[] mySort = new BusinessObjects.DSWS.BICatalog.SortType[1];

mySort[0] = BusinessObjects.DSWS.BICatalog.SortType.NAMEASC;

BICatalogObject[] searchResults= null ;

searchResults = boCatalog.Search(mySearch, mySort, null, null, InstanceRetrievalType.WITHOUTINSTANCE);

if (searchResults != null)


foreach (BICatalogObject myBOCatObject in searchResults)


Response.Write(myBOCatObject.Name + "---- " + myBOCatObject.UID + " " + myBOCatObject.CreationDate + " --" +"<BR>");





Response.Write("no documents");