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Sep 11, 2018 at 04:08 PM

Is automatic WM staging possible?


Dear Community,

When we are releasing a process order with a missing part (material) we are forced to stage the missing part to create a transfer requirement.


We want to produce material: 8.89454.888 but in order to do that we need 100 kg of 1.23456.789. Our stock is currently 50 kg.

When we try to release the process order, a pop-up window appears stating that we have a missing part. Now we have to stage the missing 50 kg of 1.23456.789, in order to get the right transfer requirement in ZLB13 and our procurement know that we need 50 more kilos.

In COR2 we have to go through the following steps in order to stage the missing part:

Goto >> Lists >> WM Staging (pull) List >> Execute >> Calculate by hand the difference in stock and requirement >> Enter it into the table >> F8 (Stage it) >> Save.

Isn't there a way for SAP to stage the missing part (the difference between stock and requirement) in order for us to create the right transfer requirement?

Best regards