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Sep 11, 2018 at 08:53 AM

No account is specified in item 0000001002 when using CTX1 condition type

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I receive this error message when I try to post an invoice to accounting:

No account is specified in item 0000001002Message No. F5670DiagnosisNo account was specified for account type "S" in item "0000001002" of the FI/CO document.

I've already checked the account determination in VF02 and an account is found for my condition type (i have only one condition type subject to account determination and a second second condition CTX1 that doesn't have an account key assigned in the pricing procedure.). In VKOA everything is ok, account is there and is found also in the invoice.

Any idea why I still receive this error? It seems is related somehow to the CTX1 condition (w/o this condition is working)