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Former Member
Jul 27, 2009 at 12:14 PM

SAP Transaction IView is not rendering SAP transaction variants correctly


Hi together,

we use to collect our times the transaction cat2. All our employees use the portal to input their times.

So with the SAP Transaction IView template we make the cat2 available through the net to all our employees.

I built up a transaction variant from cat2 which is build for our special needs.

Problem: When I include this variant by the transaction iView template to our portal. the portal is not rendering correctly, when the GUI status in the backend changes.

If you switch from "input view" to "release view" the backend renders with this new GUI status the button "release times" in the button bar. When the portal server is rendering the transaction included by the sap transaction IView this new button for the "release view" is not rendered!!!

Things worked before fine (without transaction variant) and things work fine in the backend (for transaction variant).

Has anybody an idea, what could go wrong at this step?

Thanks in advance,