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Jul 27, 2009 at 11:00 AM

No batch derivation if characteristics are part of material specification



I got this major problem with my batch derivation processes:

the example is following: the characteristics A and B are mesured for the raw material X which is batch controlled and consumed for product Y.

As result of GR posting for the production order for product Y we get an inspection lot for characteristic C.

The values of characteristics A and B have to be derivated when the usage decision is done for the inspection lot of the product.

It works fine with following restrictions: in order to get automatically evaluated (value transfer from inspection lot to the batch) characteristic C in the batch of product Y I have to maintain the material specification for product Y.

If characteristics A and B are included (means also used) in the material specification of product Y- the batch derivation does not work, the values of characteristics A and B are not transfered to the batch of product Y - and this causes problems. So my question is: how to avoid this system behavior? How can we enable batch derivation for characteristics which are included in the material specification? I assume there is something hidden in settings for material specification or whatever I did not see.

It can not be accepted that these characteristics we want to use in batch derivation can not be used in material specificatins.

This is needed (e.g. for batch determination, certificates etc.).

What to do, how to solve the problem?

thanks a lot in advance for all helpful hints