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Jul 27, 2009 at 09:49 AM

Inquiry on Quota Arrangement


Hi Experts,

I have set-up the ff. for Quota Arrangement.

1. Material Master:

a. Quota Arrangement Usage = 3

b. Lot Size = PK with Planning Calendar as Quarterly (with Splitting Quota set-up)

c. Rounding Profile = 4,000 pcs.

2. Source List

a. MRP Relevant = 1 (both for Vendor A and Vendor B)

3. Quota Arrangement

a. Proc. Type = F

b. Vendor A = 80%

c. vendor B = 20%

Stock on Hand : 474 pcs.

Requirement 1: 7,506 pcs.

Requirement 2: 980 pcs.

When MRP run using MD03, system generated 2 PRs:

PR1 = 8,000 pcs for Vendor B to support Requirement 1

PR2 = 486 pcs. for Vendor A to support the remaining Requirement

What Quota Arrangement (Allocation Quota Arr. or Splitting Quota Arr.) did the system used? Why did the system generated PR1 for Vendor B, when in fact Vendor A has a higher quota?

Thanks in advance,