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Jul 27, 2009 at 08:33 AM

Posting of Bank Charges not Possible


Hi Sap Gurus,

I have a question/problem regarding the bank statement upload process (TC: FF_5)

Maybe someone has a solution for this, orhas the same problem.

First we've run the payment run to clear/pay our vendors

a) Invoice Posting (40 Expense (Debit) - 31 Vendor Amount (Credit) 100 Dollar

b) Payment Run (25 Vendor (Debit) - 50 Bank Clearing Account (Credit) 100 USD

All good so far and the vendor is cleared.

Now we receiced the bank statement, the bank charged an additional 2.50USD Bank Fees for each vendor transaction,

that means that the credit amount in the bank statement is now 102.50 insteadt of 100. The amount of the fees is listed in the reference field of the bank statement.

Now we would like post the transaction as follows:

50 Bank 102.50

40 Clearing Account 100

40 Bank Fees 2.50

So first I used the Enhancement/User Exit (FEB00001 - EXIT_RFEBBU10_001) to read and to splitt the reference text.

I transfered the amount of 2.50 into the field FEBEP-SPESF (Bank Fees) but after this the result is still the same.

The amount in the field bank fees is ignored by sap (ff_5)

The posting is still

50 Bank (Credit) 102.50

40 Bank Clearing (Debit 102.50

the posting for the fee amount must be done manually also if I used the sap provide field FEBEP-SPESF .

Does anyone know if this process is possible and why sap provides the field SPESF when the amount is not recognized?

Many thanks.