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Sep 12, 2018 at 01:37 PM

SAP Dashboard (Xcelsious) Cumulative Values


Hi All,

I have stucked in following problem.

Problem :

User Wants to display YTD Values onto the Xcelsious dashboard. Like as below -

For Fiscal Year :

Apr+May+June+July+Aug+Sept(Current Month)

So value will get display for addition of above months for particular KPI(Net Sales).

And if user selects any month (Aug) from Month dropdrown then till selected month only value should get display.

For e.g.: From Apr+May+June+Jul+Aug , So Value for KPI "Net Sales" will get display for addition of these months.

Workaround we have tried :

we have created following report which contains break :


But when we map this report to excel, data is getting into excel as unexpected like monthnames are getting disturbed,like in the Value cell of Apr , Value for month of May is getting populated.

When we removed break from the report, report data is getting displayed like as below-


As shown in the Screenshot 2, we can not sum up the data as we want to display.

SAP BO Version (Server and Client) : 4.2 SP4

Xcelsious Version : 4.2 SP4

Data is coming from Universe.

Or is there any other workaround for this scenario.

Please help on this scenario.

Thanks in advance.


screenshot1.png (28.3 kB)
screenshot2.png (32.6 kB)