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Printing via RFC Call: Print goes to spool

Hello Experts,

We have 2 systems, CRM and ERP. On a button click in CRM web ui, I need to make an RFC Call to the ERP system, where a smartform print program is called. Everything works fine, except that, the smartform OTF file gets stuck in the Spool. I searched many blogs, and it seems that I need to use printer access methods other than F and G. Can someone please provide me details on how to make printer configurations in this scenario such that the smartform is printed directly from the ERP system, during the excution of the RFC call from CRM?

Thanks in advance


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1 Answer

  • Posted on Dec 15, 2018 at 01:48 PM

    Hello Philip,

    The issue is described in Note #2244868, that frontend methods cannot be used to print via RFC.

    You can a non-frontend printer instead, such as access method L, U (Unix) or S, C (Wnidows) for example.

    If you would like to print locally, then a local method can be used:

    • L for Linux, note #15355
    • C for Windows , note #199447

    Please also consider that this does not mean that a simple switch of the access method in transaction SPAD will solve the issue. The printer landscape must also support the required access method.

    This means that there needs to be a printer queue setup on Windows OS level of the server.

    You can check the configurations of them on section "Print Architecture and Printing Methods" / "Local Printing (Access Methods C and L)" and "Setting Up Local Printers".

    I hope the mentioned information was helpful.

    Best regards,
    Bálint Ujvári

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