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examples for all service patterns and communication patterns.

Hi Friends,

Can anyone of you give me some real life examples for follwoing service/communication patterns?



3)Request Confirmation




And also if any guidelined on when to use which patter etc...

Thanks in advance,

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1 Answer

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    Jul 27, 2009 at 08:48 AM


    Suggestion is to refer SAP help for details:

    1)Synchronous: when you need realtime response, i.e. you accept order and want to give order number to customer then you will call Sync service.

    2)Asynchronous: when you dont need realtime response, i.e. you want to replicate all orders from one system to another system.

    3)Request Confirmation: you made a request and system confirm your request. i.e. Order data is supplied and order number is confirmation. Database will be updated.

    4)ReadQuery: I guess you are refering to Query/Response pattern, You just want some information. No database will be updated.

    5)Notification: It is another form of "QueryResponse" but user action required.

    6)Information: It is another form of "QueryRespone" but NO user action required.

    Answer following questions to determine which pattern you need.

    Q1. Do you need response?

    Ans: Yes: Sync pattern

    Q1.1: Does any update required?

    Ans: Yes: RequestConfirmation pattern.

    Ans: No: QueryResponse pattern.

    Ans: No

    Q1.2 Does user required to take notice of response?

    Ans: Yes:Notification pattern

    Ans: No: Information pattern.



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