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Node js app remote debugging in Cloud Foundry

I am trying to debug remotely a simple Node.js app. I have a trial account and a subaccount with API endpoint

Start script uses --inspect option: node --inspect app.js

SSH access enabled on both space and app, also the SSH tunnel successfully opens for the app, and I can open Chrome debugger via "chrome://inspect".

It even stops at caught exceptions in debugger if the corresponding flag is set.

The problem is that none of the break-points working. What do I miss?

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  • Hi Marius,

    It stated like this:

    "node": "^8.11.3".

  • Sorry for the late response. The shouldn't be a secret "trick" the stop and the "debugger" keyword/breakpoint.

    Are you sure your application passes this breakpoint at all? And did you open the ssh tunnel with this command:

    cf ssh -N -T -L 9229: <APP NAME>



  • Yes, I did open SSH tunnel, and yes, my app passes all explicit break-points in Chrome. My workaround is this:

    I created a small function (breakPoint) which throws and catches an exception and then turned on flag "Pause on caught exceptions" in Chrome. And then I insert the function at the points of interest - the debugger stops at the exception and then I am able to do step-by-step debugging.

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    Dec 17, 2018 at 07:52 PM

    It appears that the problem was in Chrome itself or more likely in the interface between node inspector and Chrome. Starting from Chrome version 71 breakpoints work again as expected.

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