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Jul 24, 2009 at 11:38 AM

Set unloading time for vehicle resource/destination location in TPVS


In order to customize the unloading time for TPVS I have created the following "condition tables for scheduling" in customizing

Table 904: Means of transport

Table 905: Supplied location

(Both tables are created as local).

I attached them in "Maintain Access for Scheduling" for unloading activities.Access sequence is 904, 905.

These tables have NOT been set as "exclusive" either exclusion type 100.

Then, I set times for unload at those levels in /SAPCND/AU11.

When I run VS optimization, system only considers first table in sequence (I tried to change the access sequence with the same result, only takes first table).

But I need system to consider both tables in order to add the times set at 904 and 905. For instance:

Means of transport 100: 0:15

Supplied location X32: 1:00

Total Unloading time: 1:15

Any idea on how to overcome this issue? I must have these two tables (so no merge is feasible).

Thanks in advance.