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Sep 10, 2018 at 09:46 AM

OData Etag missing in Reports generated oDATA in C4C


Hello Everyone,

We are integrating C4C with the custom mobile app based on azure.

We have scenario of concurrent access which we have to handle with optimistic lock approach.

We came to know there is a standard ETag functionality supported by C4C oDATA services as well. Which helps in achieving concurrent access.

We have found some blog and by following that we are able to create Etag for custom Odata Service.

We are using oDATA based on C4C reports to expose C4C data to mobile app.

In these Report based oDATA we can’t see Etag property in the response or as any other entity property.

Could you please help how to enable Etag in Report based oData, or why its missing when C4C supports this functionality.

Step to create OData for Report
1. Login to the C4C Tenant
2. Click on Business Analysis WC -> Click on Report Tab
3. Select any report
4. Click on Build Odata Query-> Query will be generated (i.e OData URL)
5. Need Etag for created Query / OData.

Repord Base OData

Thanks in advance.
Subhash Sen