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Jul 24, 2009 at 08:58 AM

Excise Indicator issue


Dear Gurus,

In our company we are following TAXINN and our Plant and regular Customers are applicable for Excise.

If Customer is Excise relevant, in J1ID, under 'Customer Excise Details' we assign 'Customer Excise Indicator' as '1' and if not relevant for Excise, we assign the indicator '3'. Same is the case for the Plant.

For regular Customer and regular Plant the combination under 'Excise Indicator for Plant and Customer' is 1 : 1 = 1.

For SEZ customers and regular Plant, the combination is 3 : 1 = 3 (combination is not relevant for Excise).

Now my issue is after maintaining like this and maintaining normal Excise condition record for BED as 8%, how to make the system take zero Excise duty for SEZ customer only?

Though Excise Indicator '3' is given, where are we saying to the system that if Excise Indicator is '3', then pick zero value for calculation purpose in Pricing Procedure of Sales Order?

What is the configuration I am missing? Help me with this, as it is an immediate issue for me.

Best regards and thanks in advance.