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SE80 drop down of Enhancements


Can anyone here let me know a better way to interpret the drop-downs of Enahnced Objects/Implemented Enh Spots of standard programs through SE80.

It is a bit confusing as the drop downs goes on and on.

I have some knowledge of Enhancement framework but want to know what exact info these drop downs provide,additional to the way of going to individual includes and clicking on the spiral button or searching the code with the keyword Enahncement/Spot/Section.



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2 Answers

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    Nov 16, 2016 at 03:16 PM


    Repository Browser gives you the list of objects linked to another one. For a program there are Dynpros, Includes, Status GUI,.. But for object it's a bit tricky as the nodes displayed in tree are dynamics : a child points to its parent and a parent points to its children. It's a double direction way : PARENT <=> CHILDREN. There is nothing to do than to be aware to not open an already opened node (upper in the tree).

    In your example the program SAPMM03A has 2 enhancement implementations : /NFM/CA_SAPMM03A and ISM_SAPMM03A. If you open the 2 nodes you can see that each one has a "Enhanced objects" node that points on SAPMM03A. PARENT <=> CHILDREN. Once you notice a "U-turn" node, just close and ignore it.

    Now, what can you see in this tree :

    • SAPMM03A has 2 enhancement implementations (that means probably at least 2 source code modifications)
    • Their name are /NFM/CA_SAPMM03A and ISM_SAPMM03A (they could be z* or y*)
    • Interesting thing to notice as it's not obligatory : both use enhancement spots from ES_SAPMM03A. If you open the node "enhanced implementations" under ES_SAPMM03A you retrieve NFM/CA_SAPMM03A and ISM_SAPMM03A. So you can close this node. :-)

    So, consider ES_SAPMM03A as a collection of explicit spots, which are :

    • \PR:SAPMM03A\EX:MM03AI00

    If you double-click on /NFM/CA_SAPMM03A node, you see that it implements these :


    And ISM_SAPMM03A implements these :

    • \PR:SAPMM03A\EX:MM03AI00\EI

    You can see that it's not mandatory to put code in every spots. And one spot can be implemented more than once. In this case, implementation codes are in a row. Order SHOULD NOT matter and one implementation SHOULD NOT have impact on one another.

    Best Regards


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  • Nov 17, 2016 at 03:50 AM


    Thanks a ton for a detailed reply.


    I am just trying to understand what exactly does these drop downs related to ENH in SE80, convey.

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