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Sep 09, 2018 at 10:13 AM

Fld selectn for mvmt type / acct 800100 differs for Assignment number (001)


Dear Sir/Madam

While creating Reservation i am getting error

Please Suggest about this Error"

Fld selectn for mvmt type / acct 800100 differs for Assignment number (001)

Message No. M7093


Comparison of the field selection strings from movement type and G/L account 800100 has revealed that there is an incompatible field selection combination at one or more points.

Field for which the field selection is different: Assignment number


On the movement type screen, a given field is a mandatory-entry field, whereas on the G/L account screen, the same field is suppressed.

System Response

You cannot post this transaction, unless you have changed the field selection adequately.


Contact your system administrator.

Action to be taken by the system administrator

Check whether any postings resulting from this movement type are to be made to the G/L account determined automatically. If you find that the G/L account is not correct, check the automatic account determination in the Customizing system for valuation.

If the G/L account is correct, use the report RM07CUFA to compare the field selection for the movement type with the field selection for the G/L account and change the incorrect settings or the field status group of the G/L account.