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Jul 23, 2009 at 06:08 PM

Transfer Order for Material Staging


We are experiencing at strange problem at one of our plants. We are using the WM>PP interface for material staging.

This plant always selects the batches to be used and assigns them in their process orders. Upon release of the process order, the transfer requirement should be created and automatically converted in the transfer order and then printed.

Here is the problem we are experiencing. There are two users at this plant who perform the same tasks for this warehouse. For one user, the process is working as it should. However, for the second user the transfer requirement is created but the system will not generate the transfer order automatically. This user must convert the transfer requirements manually which forces them to print.

Up until a few weeks ago, this process was working for both users. We have not changed any of the customizing for this warehouse. Our security team has assured us that both users are set up with the same access.

Does anyone know of anything in this process that could cause this problem? We cannot find anything that would be set at the user level versus warehouse level.