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How to set up LCM in a clustered environment

Nov 16, 2016 at 01:50 PM


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How do you configure and setup LCM the proper way in a clustered environment of BO?

There is a lot of good guides and information on how to install SAP BusinessObjects in a highly scalable clustered environment with web proxies, multiple Tomcats and CMS’s but I haven’t found any that addresses the issue with how to install e.g. Subversion.

When you install the CMC it also installs a version of a local running Subversion (SVN) agent, there is used by the Promotion Management feature to handle the version control.
This local running Subversion has its own local repository, that is not a part of the “normal” Input/Output File Repository, and therefore is not centralized as the FRS is in a clustered environment.

What I can’t grasp is how does LCM then knows which Subversion repository to use, if you have more than one CMC server.

I am looking for what is the best practice on this, but so far I haven’t found any.

I do know that some places the uses the LCM in Development environment to do Promotion Management, since rather often, the Dev setup is on one single sever.
But in some situations, you would not have this important control of the promotion be on your Dev environment, but rather in Production, and then what do you do, if that is clustered environment.

Do you only run LCM/Promotion Management/SVN on one of the nodes, or do you create a new single CMC node with only LCM/Promotion Management/SVN on?

Your thoughts and insights is appreciated.

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Denis Konovalov
Nov 16, 2016 at 06:38 PM

LCM and SVN are not the same thing...
Most customers who uses version management uses their existing repositories and just add BOE to them.
How to configure/connect BOE version management to existing SVN or Clearcase repositories is described in Admin guide and various KBA's.

As to Promotion Management - we recommend having dedicated PM machine.

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You are right, LCM is more of a process where as SVN is a service, but when you install SAP BusinessObjects LifeCycle Manager (LCM) you are also requested the installation of the Subversion software (SVN), so obvious the two is related.

I'll guess that ClearCase is bit more "Enterprise" ready versioning tool, but it you stick with the Subversion, then I'll assume that the SVN handling the versioning would be the one installed on the dedicated PM machine right?

Or perhaps let me rephrase the question.
In a clustered environment, where do you install the VMS (if you are not using ClearCase)?
I'll take that needs to be on a dedicated machine as well, and perhaps that should be the dedicated PM machine?


Subversion is enterprise level tool , same as clearcase.

The one we provide with product is just subset of a much larger feature set regular subversion has.

In any case, you can have Promotion management services on one node and subversion on another. It doesn't matter.
there is no clustering between PM/LCM and VM.
You only need one APS/AJS for PM/LCM and one subversion service running in a cluster.

Jawahar Konduru Nov 18, 2016 at 01:38 PM

There is no need to have separate node for versioning or PM. You can install both on where your processing servers are installed. Normally PM or VM can be used in DEV or QA. Not necessarily from PROD server.

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But here lies the problem.

On a DEV environment, more users have more elevated rights, so therefore since DEV is not a controlled environment as PROD, it is most likely a no-go, to have PM residing there, especially if you are doing pharmaceutical reporting.

On PROD or QA, there is in this case multiple CMS servers, and hence the question, since Subversion does not work on all servers in the PROD (or QA) it has to be on one. I hardly think that best practice actually is to have PM in the DEV, then it makes more sense to have it as a dedicated server.
Also since, the PM server always need to be at the latest/highest build of all your servers in the environment.
It would be easier to patch if it is a dedicated server.


Should there be version management in QA and PROD? Do you want users to switch from one version to the other? or is it better to have version management stay in Dev server, and only promote CMS checked in reports to prod.

Jawahar Konduru Nov 18, 2016 at 04:47 PM

if you have that kind of flexibility to have one dedicated server for PM, please go head.

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SAP recommended to us to put LCM on its own box to resolve performance issues.