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Former Member
Jul 23, 2009 at 04:41 PM

Group sum of percentages


I have a field like this posted to a group level REGION:

sum(actual hours) / sum(standard hours) for a decimal (percentage) result

In the group footer, I want the same calculation for all the records in the group. The formula syntax would normally be like this:

sum( field name, group name) where the group name would be REGION

I've tried various things for the field name without success. The field name can't be a formula that includes that line formula above because it will error out with "A summary has been specified on a non-recurring field" which I guess is saying you can't sum a sum that way.

What I cannot use is a sum(actual hours/standard hours) because that gives a sum of percentages (10% + 20% = 30%) which is invalid.

Any ideas?