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Jul 23, 2009 at 01:28 PM

OS Migration: (Oracle and SAP/AIX) to (Oracle/Aix and SAP on Linux/x86_64)


Hello Everyone

we are planning an OS Migration.

Our Current Platform is AIX - for both Oracle Database and Sap Components - 64 bit

We have ABAP, Java, Double Stack and Portals - the full range of SAP Products

Our Target Platform is - Oracle Stays on Aix, ALL SAP Components on Linux (Probably SuSE-10), Hosts=Blades

We need guidelines best to migrate the SAP Components, in particular sizing. We would also like to use this project to introduce Stand Alone Enqueue Servers where neccessary and Replicated Enqueue Servers for High Availability. We are also looking in ACC to control everything


Current Large System - Abap, 2Tb DB (Oracle) and 1 Central Server (Total_size_mb=20000, CI and DB on same host 20k SAPS) and 2 Appl Servers (each Total_size_mb=450000, both on same host 16k SAPS )

OS Migration

AIX - Oracle DB no change( fewer CPU's, less memory)

Linux - 1 Standalone Enqueue Server (memory = ?),

1 Replicated Enqueue Server,

1 Primary Appl (Cluster Failover Ready, memory = ?),

n Appl Server (memory = ?), where n is a number

are there any guildes, rules, "bauch gefuhl" tips and tricks you can give us

Thanks in advance

Jonathan Huckle