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Jul 23, 2009 at 01:21 PM

Deski - DMA0007 Data not refreshed / UNV0011 Cannot load linked universes


Hi All,

any help or suggesttions anyone has regarding this problem would be most welcome.

We are rolling out BOXI r2 Deski to users to report on Trent data on an Oracle 9 database. When they refresh reports they get the message: The following data providers hsve not been successfully refreshed: Query 1 (DMA0007). If they click the refresh button again the report is refreshed without further messages. These users are members of a group created within the CMC. My user id is a member of the Administrator group with Full Control in all areas. I don't get the message when I refresh reports.

As a test, I set-up a user with membership of a locally defined group and after logging on with it got the message. When I changed the user's membership to Administrator and logged on again the message did not appear when I refreshed a report.

Since the DMA0007 message gives no indication of the cause of the problem, I tried scheduling a report. Scheduling the report to run for myself was successful but for the test user, as a member of a locally defined group, it failed with the message Cannot load linked universes. (UNV0011). I am assuming that UNV0011 is the underlying cause.