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Jul 23, 2009 at 11:08 AM

Query for a UDO.


Hi All

I created a UDO for monitoring sales targets for sales employees. These UDO's will hold info on targets for software sales (items) and service sales. each table will have amounts set (target) for each month (Jan - Dec).

I created a UDO Sales software targets (@)SFW) and Linked lines to this table.

I need a query that will auto populate @OSFW,name (sales employee name ) when a user selects a sales employee code.

Then a code that will check all the service invoices for the month for a specific user and displays the total for the month for that sales employee.

Lastly if its going to be possible to display the current months target in the marketing docs and also display total sales generated for that month and the amount remaining for the sales employee to reach his target. I assume this need to be copied from a field that will be already holding this info in the @OSFW table.

Hope this makes sense.