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Sep 06, 2018 at 06:18 PM

Excel Reference Table in WEBI Containing Measures



I am trying to use an external resource table from Excel and add it to a Bex Query WEBI report. I follow the many blog post instructions on adding an Excel query, merging the like field, and creating Detail variables of the fields from the excel table, using the merged dimension as a reference. This all works properly.

Some of the fields in the excel table are numerical (measures). When I create detail variables of these measures, to create the relationship to use with the Bex query fields, they are no longer measures, thus I am unable to create graphs, using these numerical fields from my excel table on the value axis.

My question: is it possible to have numerical values (measures) in an external excel table and be able to bring them into WEBI to use on a graph, along with fields from the Bex query? If so, how do I do this when I have to make the measures into detail variables to be able to use?

Thank you