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Jul 23, 2009 at 10:10 AM

Two SAP systems, same smartform, different print outputs


We have two SAP systems, because of the different business areas that our company has.

We develop a smartform with a custom style which has Gill Sans MT as default font. The smartform is printed directly into PDF format.

On system A on all environments it works fine and we transported it to system B.

On system B the output on PDF format comes in bold, all the characters are bold. This happens on all environments. On preview we don't see bold font but the spacing between characters is larger than expected (for example, a date is printed in two lines of a cell).

I've checked the settings on SE73 and they are the same on both systems.

I've also created a second style were I've taken out all bold settings. On system A, the smartform' style was changed to this new one. The changes were transported to system B, and still it prints all bold.