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Jul 23, 2009 at 10:12 AM

A different Management Report


I shall be thankful if someone can give a clue on how to approach the following problem.

Suppose a company has many divisions (like Powder Division, Cold Extrusion Division) making different product lines and all these divisions are supplying to a common customer. The customer is treating the various divisions as different vendors and has allotted different vendor codes to each division. Please note each division has multiple plants.

In this case, is it possible for the supplying company to see data of all supplying divisions in a common report? The clientu2019s requirement is that Data should populate for sales, sales returns, payment terms, receivables etc.

While I could achieve sales datas by assigning some numeric value in one of the unutilised fields in customer master, I am unable to achieve the same logic for Payment Terms. For example, I have Maruthi as a customer with some 10 sold to party code in SAP to whom supplies are being made from different plants.

Now the requirement is only the text of customer should flow in the report and against this text, payment term should flow across the divisions what is maintained. For example,

	Division A     Division B     Division C

Maruthi	  DA 30	       DA 60	    DA 90

They dont want what payment term is maintain in sale order level but only interested to see from sold to party each division wise and that too in the above format

Any idea on how to achieve this logic which should not complicate the process ?? :-((


G. Lakshmipathi