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Jul 23, 2009 at 09:44 AM

SAP System copy



I am very new to System copy procedure and i am trying to build a SAP Shell system builder. I have gone through various SAP links of SAP System copy step-by-step procedures. For example: <<System Copy and Migration>>

I am not able to clear my doubts after gone through those procedures. I need to build this shell system by utilizing the control.xml file which i have got very little knowledge.

Please help me to know good info or links to my following questions:

1. what is control.xml file and who provides it and can we change it?

2. I need to copy only the minimum and must required tables/data to the new shell system(target system). do we need to install SAP same version also in the target system? or can we copy even the installation as part of system copy? and even i have the same question about the data base. do we need to install DB in the shell or target system or it also can be copied from the source system and automatically install using SAPInst?

3. i heard by using SAPInst we can do Export and Import. Is this control.xml file being used while Import function in the target system? If so is this the file genrated while export is done in the source system or this file will be same?

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