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Jul 23, 2009 at 08:43 AM

Intercompany Asset Transfer - Current Year / Previous year Acquisition



Will there be a difference in transfer variant if I do intercompany asset transfer in the below scenarios -

1. Asset capitalized in the previous year and trasferred in the current year

2. Asset capitalized in the current year and transferred in the current year

We are using Net method for asset transfer. Currently in transfer variant 2, the transaction types configured are -

Retirement - 230

Acquisition - 157

To me, both suffice PY acquisitions getting transferred in the current year. Now, when i tried to transfer CY acquisitions, the account determination in one of the depreciation area is not happening correctly.

Am I to create another transfer variant separately for CY acquisitons? If so, what is the TTY to be used? (Is 275 and 150 resolve my purpose?)