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Jul 23, 2009 at 08:15 AM

"Refresh Workbook on open" does not work


Hi Experts,

using BEx Analyzer 7 SP 901 and 902 we experience the problem that most of our workbooks do not refresh after the opening.

The workbook-setting "Refresh Workbook on open" is set for the workbooks in question and they are BEx7 workbooks (not migrated from 3.5). The workbooks use the standard SAP-Default-Workbook.

If such a workbook is opened it "flickers" a few time (which seems not to be normal) and does not refresh.

The refresh-toggle-button from the BEx-Analyzer toolbar is deactivated (it was definetly activated before the workbook was saved and closed). When the refresh-toggle-button is clicked, the query is refreshed - but that's cerainly not the idea of the "Refresh Workbook on open" feature.

Did you experience similar?

Is there any reason you can imagine for this behaviour.