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Sep 06, 2018 at 05:13 AM

Posting date in PGI Reversal with VL09


Dear All,

Our user posts PGI reversal with posting date same as original document.

In VL09, while reversal, by default, system captures today`s date and they change the date manually in Define Date tab to posting date of the original document.

But, sometimes, they forget to change and the document gets posted on the current date, which causes audit issues.

Therefore, we have a requirement:

1) Can we set posting date of the original document as default in VL09, instead of today`s date, so that reversal document gets posted on the same date when original document was posted. and there is no manual intervention required to change the date.

2) If, user has error, like while posting PGI for the previous period , 2-3 months back, which is closed, they should be able to change as desired in the Define Date tab, and system should pick the posting date, that user has provided.

Kindly help us with best options to achieve the requirement.