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Jul 23, 2009 at 02:53 AM

Depreciation Start Date changed-previous year


Hi all,

Can you please help me in this.

My client Financial Year is Oct 2008 - Sep 2009

I have an Asset purchased on March 2009 .Usefull life of the Asset is 5 years.i. 60 months

Depreciation start date is 01st Oct 2008-Start of Fiscal Year.

Deprecation is SLM basis 5 years -amortised. percentage -20%

Deprecaition ran till jun 2009.In Jul they had changed the depreciation start date to 01st Jul 2008 instead of 01st Oct 2008.

That is it had changed to previous year as start date.

Now in FA module it had ignored from Jul 2008 to March 2009(month asset purchased) 8 months.

It has considered 52 months as remaining useful life of asset and recalculated depreciation taking the original acquisition value and calculated depreciation per month and posted difference in Jul 2009.

We are of the opinion that it calculated 3 months depreciation (1st jul 2008 to 1st oct 2008) depreciation 3 months and posts it in Jul 2009.

If the Depreciation start date is within the same fiscal year it is calculating as SLM basis.

If the Depreciation start date is previous year, it calculated deprecation on original value on remaining useful life from the date of capitalisation.

Whether this is standard SAP or this a any thing to be done with the Period control in relating to start date in the Previos year.

Please help me in this.

thanks in advance