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Jul 22, 2009 at 11:56 PM

Mapping SOAP Fault Message on PI


Hi there,

I'm trying to map a SOAP Fault Response From a Legacy system on PI, but i have some doubts on how to create the Data Type and the fault message Type,

Basically the response will look like this:




<faultstring>Data failed validation</faultstring>


<fault xsi:type="ns1:Fault">


<ns1:errorMessage>Data failed validation</ns1:errorMessage>

<ns1:detailMessage>Invalid (does not exist) Zone Identity...</ns1:detailMessage>





so basically i defined a data type detail ( named detail aswell in pi ), with a fault element and code errorMessage and detailMessage xsd:String attributes ( i dont know what to do with that ns1 xsi type 😔 )

but when i want to creat the whole message PI only allows me to have 1 outter element like this:








so pretty much i want to have a data type with 4 independent elements cause i know the SOAP-ENV tags wont get to the mapping, im almost sure i'm missing something very dumb here but i dont see it 😔,

Thanks in advance for all the help you guys can provide,