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Sep 05, 2018 at 07:15 PM

Quantity in 0UC_SALES_STATS_02 extractor duplicated in line item type or aggregation in BW


Quantity in 0UC_SALES_STATS_02 extractor duplicated in line item type (EA22) thus BW aggregation is not giving correct quantity

DS - 0UC_SALES_STATS_02/03 (IS-U Sales Statistics (Delta created by Mass Activity))

I think it might be due to the distribute posting date setting in SBIW for sales stat but not sure about this so getting some advice.

scenario is

1. in EA22 the bill doc shows the quantity with date ranges Eg. 03-jan-2018 to 03-feb-2018 but while extraction in BW it shows split of date to and date from (03-jan-2018 to 31-jan-2018 and 01-feb-2018 to 03-feb-2018) i.e. by consumption period.

2. if I do aggregation in the Cube or in reporting this posting period and consumption period do not match 100 % times so suppose posting date with same doc no is shown like below

posting dt Date from Date to Qty Amount line item type

02-jan-2018 03-jan-2018 31-jan-2018 101 600 abc

01-feb-2018 03-feb-2018 101 60 abc

so we see the split here by consumption period but while showing total quantity it gets doubled compared to the actual bill.

has anyone came accross this scenario if so please enlighten on how did we tackle this scenario ? I will remove the posting date from SBIW setting and try to run the extract again to check the data but not sure whether it will help or not..

Thanks in advance - RD