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Jul 22, 2009 at 09:47 PM

Error message when processing IDoc


Hi there,

Greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I'm trying to use the Migration Workbench in order to transfer to SAP the material master data.

I have created an LSMW Objet and selected, under Mantain Object Attributes >> Object Type and Import Method, the IDoc option. The message type will be MATMAS and the Basic Type will be MATMAS05.

I have maitained the IDoc Inbound processing, created the LSMW Port and the Partner Profile. In the latter, under Inbound Parameteres, I have created and inbound parameter with the MATMAS Message Type and MATM Process Code.

I have created structure relationships for the following target structures: EDI_DC40, E1MARAM, E1MAKTM, E1MARCM and E1BEWM.

After being one or two couple of hours going and coming over the application log after running over and over again the step 14. IDoc Processing, and having filled with '/' the obligatory fields, I still am not able to generate it successfully.

The problem I'm having is, it keeps asking the DISMM (I think the name is MRP Type) field, and since I have not created a conversion rule or source field for it, I recieve the error message 72 from the M3 message class

I understand that though the MM01 transaction, if the MRP View isn't activated, this field stops being mandatory. So I need to know, if any, the way to make the IDoc processing not to ask this field, since the MM consultant has said it's not necessary to introduce it.

Thanks in advance.