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Jul 22, 2009 at 09:09 PM

When and where to implement WM


Hi everyone,

I know this is a very commonly asked question and I should be doing my reading before posting...but I have done some reading yet have these questions. I would really appreciate any answers

1. We have a pretty large fast moving warehouse, with inventory being managed at different places and during different times of the manufacturing process. They manage all these stuff in bins (in the legacy system) today. So far it is a suitable candidate for SAP WM but the problem is they dont use the system to propose them the bin when putting away or picking to/from these bins. They just keep visually decide where to pick/put the stock to/from. What is the value of implementing WM in such a case...when we are not using any strategies.

2. Certain areas in the warehouse (usually raw material) dont use bins...its just a huge location. For these can we define them as Storage Locations while the rest as storage types in the warehouse? Or should be define these areas also under the same WH as a storage type with one huge bin as all other areas are already defined as storage types.

Look forward to hear from you