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Jul 22, 2009 at 09:08 PM

How to populate the DATE based on the logic


Hi All,

I have requirement like this. File to Proxy Interface and the frequency of this interface is Monthly once.

File will be placed in FTP Folder, XI will pickup the file and update the Z-Table in ECC.

Here there is no Date field is coming from File, iam polulating the date from XI from Mapping using the Current date function.

Upto this its fine, but now the thing is

If the file comes on July-01-2009, i need to populate the Previous months Last date.( June-30-2009)

If the file comes on July-02-2009, i need to populate same as above.

If the file comes on June-20-2009, I should not process the file until the first day of the next month comes( After July-01-2009)

Is this is possible , please suggest me