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Former Member
Jul 22, 2009 at 07:36 PM

Alerts remarks on authorization not visible


Hello Experts here is the scenario



User A goes into SAP creates a sales order adds the order alert pops up. User A writes in the Remarks and sends saves.

User B gets the email and decides to authorize it. User B is able to see the USER A remarks with ease. User B authorizes the order with a remark.

User A gets email which shows accepted order. User would like to see remarks but cannot see the text button is grayed out.

neither USER A nor USER B remarks/text are visible.

Does anyone know how i can see the remarks posted by USER A please note this is ALL happens in alerts

the field name is OALR.USERTEXT

Thank you for any information you may have regarding the issue.

so far i was able to reproduce this on every database.