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Jul 22, 2009 at 06:56 PM

Two tables to maintain a static header


Hello Experts,

I'm using NWDS 7.0.18 for EP 7.0.18


We do not want the table header to scroll away as we scroll down the table rows.


I have 2 tables one above the other. Both have exactly the same data sources.

The top table (Table 1) has a TableSorter and TableFilter implemented. The headers are visible but the visibleRowCount is set to 0 and the footerVisible is set to false. The tablecelleditors are all textviews and all of them have their visible property set to none.

The bottom table (Table 2) has all the headers visible property set to none and the Table 2's footerVisible is set to false. Table 2 is inside a scroll container.


When the tables are populated, Table 1's footer appears. Also the Table 1's header are misaligned with Table 2's columns.

How can I make sure the footer in Table 1 doesnt appear after table is populated? And how can I keep the headers of Table 1 kept in alignment with the columns of Table 2?

Thanks in advance.