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Jul 22, 2009 at 06:32 PM

formatting and exporting issues on csv file


A co-worker has created some reports (he uses Crystal X but I have the same issue in X or XI) to extract data to csv files for people to use for Hyperion imports. The report does not produce the same results for me, in Preview mode or as a csv export, as it does for him.

1st issue:

The report in preview mode for me has commas where it shouldn't have them.

GH1 Actual06

GH2 03

GH3 03

D 9,6204140100,12,09000,175.00

Detail line should be:


2. When I export to csv, it puts the headers from GH1, GH2 and GH3 as a prefix on every detail line. They should be individual lines at the top of the csv file.

I've applied every hot fix/patch I can find but cannot fix this. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!