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Jul 22, 2009 at 04:56 PM

Define alert in Runtime WorkBanch for HTTP adapter


Hi Experts,

Iu2019m working with SAP XI 7.0 and solution manager 701. Iu2019m configuring BPM.

I want to monitor the error in XI. I have three systems:

Legacy System --> SAP PI --> ECC

The legacy System, communicate whit SAP PI with HTTP request so the adapter sender in PI is an HTTP Adapter.

I want to monitor the errors in the http adapter so I created the alert category HTTP_ERROR_ADAPTER in the abap stack (transaction alrtcatdef).

When I try to configure the alert in the Runtime WorkBanch I canu2019t find u201CHTTP Adapteru201D in the field u201CAdapter Engineu201D . I can see only jdbc, rfc, mail u2026. Adapters.

I think that I canu2019t see the http adapter because the HTTP Adapter is not a java adapter.

So, how can I monitor the errors in the HTTP adapter sender in SAP PI? Can I monitor the http adapter sender errors using the field u201CIntegration Engineu201D (u201Cerror categoryu201D = * and u201Cerror codeu201D = * )?

Thank you a lot in advance for collaboration.

Best regards