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Former Member
Jul 22, 2009 at 03:45 PM

Create sales doc with reference but not copy some of the conditions


Create a credit/debit sales document with reference to the billing document, but not copy specified conditions. For example, freight was added to the billing document and it is now copied into the new document. It is not desired to copy the freight into the credit. I have tried D and H pricing type on the copy control pricing, but neither worked. I have also marked the condition type category as F and it also didn't work. In either case, the Analysis indicated "Condition has been found (without condition record)"/"No more information is available".

What is the best method to allow the copy control but prevent specific conditions from being included in the copy?

I also tried creating a new pricing procedure for the credit and it worked if I created without reference, but once I created with reference, it kept the billing document pricing procedure. I also don't want to stay with this idea because I may want to create a credit later on for the condition and need to include it in pricing procedure. I just don't want it to be copied at time of create with reference.

Thank you,