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Jul 22, 2009 at 02:56 PM

WebI Rich Client Silent Installation issue with Language Packs


Hello everyone,

i have a strange situation here with the WRC. I have the following Setup:

- Windows Server 2003 SP2

- Single Machine

- BOE XI3.1 FP1.4 installed with all Languages

- SAP ITK XI3.1 FP1.4 installed with all Languages

- Using the downloaded WebSetup.exe Setup routine from InfoView

We have to Roll- Out the WRC on certain users (~50) and i wanted to use the Silent installation method from SAP Note - 1264589.

During the creation of the response.ini file i wasnt able to select any Language Pack, however when i run a test with the response.ini file it installs with all Languages. For the Clients only English is needed.

I saw that all Languages where added to the "ADDLOCAL=" Parameter in the ini file (Even if i dont had the chance to select them). So i cut them and paste them to the "REMOVE=" Parameter.....even that didnt worked out.

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance !