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Jul 22, 2009 at 02:46 PM

Problem with dynamic parameter and one space



I have a problem with dynamic parameter in Crystal Reports XI.

Database field contains names (strings like 'A', 'B','C', etc.). Some record contains in this field one space (' ') which means no name.

I have created dynamic parameter based on this field. In parameter, I could choose any values that contains the field (including this one space).

When in parameter I choose only this one space (' ') raport shows all records, not only this records where name = ' '. When in parameter I choose other name(s) and this one space then raport doesn't show this record where name = ' ' and shows only this record where name is equal to the rest of names from parameters. This one space is missing and if I print parameter to the raport there is no this one space. When I refresh report, parameter contains all names which I have chosen before with the exception of this one space.

Any idea why Crystal Reports behaves in this way? Is this a bug or something?