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Jul 22, 2009 at 02:30 PM

Suggestion List Input and Output Field Usage


Documentation regarding how to use the input and output fields of the Suggestion List transformation is vague at best. Does anyone have supplemental documentation on how to use these fields? Or practical experience?

For example if I'm doing a real-time call to the transformation, how do I use the Reply1-5 fields? It appears that the Primary Number Low value can be passed into Reply1 and High value into Reply2. What are the other reply fields used for?

In addition, the integrators documentation states "Resubmit the entire record to your data flow using the web service. However, this time, include the additional ReplyX field with your input. The value of this field is the index number that you retrieved in the previous step." If a previous call to the transformation generates a suggestion list in the XML "pick list", can you really take the index from that pick list and pass it back into a subsequent call of the transformation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.