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Jul 22, 2009 at 01:32 PM

Zero out GL balances


The assets were not working in current system because depreciation was not run for past few years. we are loading assets all over again. since the assets were not working, the postings were made to depreciation expense account as journal entries. similarly postings were made to the apc and accumulated depreciationa ccount through FB50. now when we load the asset balances in AS91, they will duplicate as they already got balances in apoc account and dpereciation account (that are non recon accounts), so we will have to zero out the balances in these accounts. also will have to zero out balances in depreciation expense account since they already posted to this account for the whole year of 2009, they willneed to be zeroed out till their go live date which is somewhere in august.

How do we zero out the accounts. DO we create conversion accounts for zeroing out these balances in addition to the conversiona ccount already created to load GL balances. Or can we use the same conversion account that we created for GL. Is there any other way to zero them out?