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Jul 22, 2009 at 12:56 PM

Bulletin Board using KM Features doubts


Hi all.

I´ve been following the great guide to build a Bulletin Board: "How to Build a Bulletin Board Using KM Features". I have two doubts that maybe one of you, that had success following the guide, can answer me:

1) First, and most important... I get lost in the step of the 13rd page: There is described an HTML Collection Renderer (One for each sub-section) that consists of an HTML page (Furniture.htm in the example), but... I don´t get what do we need those files for. I mean: I see that the BBoard.htm implements the Offer/Wanted selection page; I see that another two pages will lead into the subsections once you have chosen between Offer/Wanted (Furniture, Motor, Clothing...); but... This third level?? This should be the "RenderListItem" item from the XML Form, isn´t it?? Can you explain me a bit more this Furniture.htm file?? Can you give me an example with code or whatever??

2) There are a few elements (ITelO_PostingDisplayResourceCommandGroup, ITelO_BB_PostingBreadcrumbb, ITelO_PostingMenu,

ITelO_PostingCreateXMLFormsGroup...) whose content is not described... Are those empty elements?? Are those copies of standard elements?? (Can you tell me which ones?)

I think those answers will lead me to achieve the goal 😊

Thanks a lot in advance for your time.