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Sep 10, 2018 at 09:22 AM

SDI Replication issue with Hana from Oracle DB



We're doing replication of a table in Oracle to Hana Database using SDI and OracleLogReader adapter. We're able to create the replication task in editor and also generated the required procedure, but this procedure upon execution is giving the below error:

Error: (dberror) 256 - sql processing error: "CAPDEV"."sandbox::EMP_DET.START_REPLICATION": line 42 col 3 (at pos 1772): [256] (range 3) sql processing error exception: sql processing error: QUEUE: sandbox::EMP_DET.SUB_VDEV_EMP_DETAILS: Failed to add subscription for remote subscription sandbox::EMP_DET.SUB_VDEV_EMP_DETAILS[id = 175782] in remote source ETLAB_SDI[id = 174974]. Error: exception 151050: CDC add subscription failed: Failed to add the first subscription. Error: Failed to start Log Reader because of failure to initialize Replication Agent. Error:User <SYSTEM> is in the owner filter list and is also specified as the PDS user by the pds_username configuration parameter. Please either remove <SYSTEM> from the owner filter list or change the pds_username configuration parameter setting.

Please help.



Nitish Kumar