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Jul 22, 2009 at 11:35 AM

Import of SPML in Pi 7.1



we want to do some provisioning between different systems and want to use SPML for the different messages. Therefor we use the description in . After the import we get an error in PI saying one element is used recursively.

It is about PSOIdentifierType that contains containderID of the same structure. The shown definition is taken literally from the Oasis website.

<complexType name="PSOIdentifierType">


<extension base="spml:IdentifierType">


<element name="containerID" type="spml:PSOIdentifierType" minOccurs="0" />


<attribute name="targetID" type="string" use="optional"/>




When activating a generated proxy, we get an error message "Proxy generation teminated : Recursions not supported".

Is there a way in SAP/PI to avoid this error - apart from not using the SPML standard ?

Kind Regards.